Only original and genuine electric motors and machine systems are allowed to be assembled on our production machines. | በምናመርታቸው ማሽኖቻችን ላይ ኦሪጅናል እና እውነተኛ የኤሌክትሪክ ሞተሮችን እና የማሽን ክፍሎቸን ብቻ እንገጥማለን። 📞0114626173 ፣ 📞0118589954 #SoapMakingMachine #Soap #Ajax

Haylemariam Gebrie
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Ambitious Design Engineer with Passion follows function. He's the founder and Design Engineer at HAYLE ENGINEERING, highly engaged with Engineering Designs, Product Design and Development, Machine and Tool Designs, Virtual Prototyping, CAD, CAM, and CAE Solutions and Trainings, Design for Reverse Engineering, 3D Scanning and 3D Printing.

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