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  • #1 Interview- with Machines
  • #2 Soap Making Machine
  • #3 Candle Making Machines
  • #4 Detergent Powder (OMO) Making Machine
  • #5 Liquid Detergent and Sanitizer Making Machine
  • #6 Wheat Thresher Machine
  • #7 Teff, Wheat and Barley Thresher Machine
  • #8 Solar Power Farming Plant
  • #9 Agricultural Machinery testing and Field Working
  • #10 Thresher Machine Testing
  • #11 Interview-with-EBC-FM-97.1-on-Hayle-Engineering
  • #12 Farming Machine Testing
  • #13 Next Generation Farming
  • #14 Mold and Die Works
  • #15 Mold and Die Works 2
  • #16 Design Room 1
  • #17 Design Room 2
  • #18 Hayle Engineering Event
  • Essential Oil Extractor Machine
    Essential Oil Extractor Machine

Message From: Design Director and GM

Mr. Haylemariam Gebrie
Mr. Haylemariam Gebrie

Since its establishment in 2008, Hayle Engineering has experienced rapid development from scale, market, the scope of services and other perspectives, and become a high-tech Engineering R&D and manufacturing Company in Agricultural, Industrial and Construction Machinery’s and Equipment Sector.

Our Engineering Design, well as Manufacturing and Marketing Team will continue making greater efforts, sticking to our objectives, adhering to our faith, striving to make progress and creating an even brighter future with our broad vision and pragmatic approach.

our Company Prize a Gold medal from Ethiopian Prime-minister for National Technology and Innovation award from the Ministry of Innovation and Technology. Welcome to Hayle Welcome to Precision.

What you see is what you get!

Mr. Haylemariam Gebrie
Design Director and G.M

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